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What are professional measures?

Qualifications or coaching that can be redeemed with the AVGS (activation and placement voucher) are called “measures for activation and professional integration”, which can be funded by the Job Center or the Federal Employment Agency. Thus, you can increase your chances on the labor market.

The aledu GmbH is one of the certified educational institutions, where you can participate in these subsidized measures, free of charge.

Who is sponsored?

The AVGS measures support participants in finding and taking up employment. You have to the goal:

  • to introduce them to the training and labor market
  • Identify, reduce, or eliminate barriers to employment
  • to be placed in employment subject to compulsory insurance
  • to introduce them to an independent activity
  • to provide stabilizing support when taking up employment

Therefore, you must meet the following criteria to use AVGS:

  • in accordance with § 45 SGB III seeking training and employment
  • Threatened by unemployment
  • University graduate, career returnee or self-employed person
  • Be entitled to unemployment benefits
  • Be unemployed for at least six weeks in the last three months prior to applying for AVGS.

Anyone can apply for an AVGS. If the following criteria are met, there is even an entitlement to the AVGS:

  • Entitlement to unemployment benefit
  • 6-week unemployment in the past 3 months
  • No placement of the requesting person yet

However, an AVGS can also be applied for without legal entitlement according to the above criteria. The final decision here lies with the job center or the employment agency. These include, for example, the following conditions:

  • Unemployment lasts less than 6 weeks
  • There is still an employment relationship, but the notice of termination has already been issued
  • Entitlement to citizen’s income exists


How is AVGS used?

If you have already found a course or coaching offer for your individual needs with us that also meets the AVGS, you must apply for an activation and placement voucher. We will explain the procedure step by step.

Step 1: Contact aledu GmbH

You first contact aledu GmbH. We then check the AVGS requirements. If participation is possible, you will receive a confirmation.

Step 2: Contact your placement specialist

The next step is to contact your placement specialist at the Federal Employment Agency or Job Center. This checks whether the further training will help you professionally. Here, too, it is checked again whether the conditions of the AVGS are met.

Step 3: Obtain AVGS

If the conditions of the activation and placement voucher are all met, you will receive a notice of approval from the job center or the employment agency. I.e. you are allowed to participate in the desired course. We will also be informed about the approval.

Step 4: Start for personal development

After your course or coaching offer is approved, you can get started. All information about the qualification or coaching is available from aledu GmbH.

If you are registered as a job seeker, apply for the activation and placement voucher at your personal advisor at the employment agency or at a job center in your region. There they will check if you meet the requirements to receive the voucher. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get advice from your personal advisor on the requirements. If you do not need counseling, you can apply for AVGS by phone or in writing. If you meet all the conditions, you will receive the AVGS voucher by mail.

At aledu GmbH, we support you as an applicant in advance: As preparation for the successful application of your activation and placement voucher, we offer you a free initial consultation.