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telc examination at aledu – official and Europe-wide recognized results in language acquisition

A so-called telc examination and satisfactory results in this language test are not uncommon in many areas of education and also for job applications at home and abroad. The telc language test practically serves as proof of a high and professional language level in one of about 10 foreign languages. A proof that is often needed, for example, to be able to study or work abroad.

In contrast to many other language examinations, the telc examination offers the great advantage that the language test is normally recognized and accepted everywhere in Europe. This largely rules out unpleasant surprises when applying to European universities and European employers. However, the telc exam requires some prerequisites to be able to master it successfully. In addition, the language test cannot be taken everywhere. One of the licensed examination institutions for this language test in Duisburg is our language school Duisburg aledu, which specifically addresses examinees who need the telc certificate for various reasons. German courses and other teaching models are also offered in our educational institution.

Uncomplicated telc examination and results directly in Duisburg

If you would like to take a telc exam directly in Duisburg and receive results quickly, you can turn to the aledu language school in the metropolis with confidence. We focus on targeted support in raising your language level or with regard to recognized test procedures that you need for your further education and training. The telc language test is certainly one of them. It is required by many universities and schools in Europe in order for applicants to prove that they have sufficient language skills. In order to prepare for the test, you can use our exam preparation courses, among others, to prepare for the language exam in a meaningful way. In addition, flexible exam dates and long-term planning options are available to make it easier for you to successfully pass the telc language exam. All further questions regarding the telc examination can of course be clarified personally with our staff. For example, by telephone or simply via mail.

aledu language school in Duisburg – competent support for language acquisition

Those who live in a country without knowing the local language often face numerous problems. It is therefore important for migrants and refugees in particular to have a secure and fluent command of the German language in order to be able to integrate more easily and establish social contacts. A goal that everyone should set for themselves. Also Germans who live abroad and still need to develop their language skills. Since the language school aledu in Duisburg knows how important a secure language level is, we have therefore specialized in the targeted support of students and examinees who want to pass intensive language courses or also examinations such as the telc examination with good results.

At the language school in Duisburg, we offer the following course models and preparation courses, among others:

  • Intensive German Courses
  • Online German courses
  • Private lessons
  • Exam preparation courses (telc)

In addition, we are one of the educational institutions in the city where you can take the telc language test, which is recognized throughout Europe. This is only possible in licensed institutions such as elementary schools and other private educational institutions and also directly at our language school.

telc Language Test – Documentation of your language competence

telc is practically the abbreviation for “The European Language Certificates”. Since this language test is based on common European reference frameworks, the test is therefore also accepted as proof in all European countries. This is not always the case with many other common language exams offered by private language schools, for example. Thus, with a telc examination and through successful results in this examination, you are always on the safe side when it comes to officially proving your language competence in a foreign language.

telc exam and achieve results in different foreign languages

The telc examination does not focus on a single foreign language. In fact, it can be completed in all major European and also international languages that are frequently relevant. This includes German and English. But also French, Spanish, Turkish and Italian as well as Portuguese. Likewise, the telc exam can be taken in Russian, Polish and also Arabic. From there, the language test is available in about 10 languages. Which language is relevant to you and requires official certification depends, of course, on your individual training plans and country goals. It is of course also possible to take several language exams in different languages, should this be necessary. Each telc language certificate is recognized individually in Europe.

What is a telc exam for?

“telc” is the abbreviation of “The European Language Certificates“, which offers language exams in 10 languages: German, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Arabic and whose certificates are recognized throughout Europe. telc’s language tests are also based on the Common European Framework of Reference(CEFR).

In order to study or work in Germany, or for various reasons, employers or authorities require certain language skills, which can be proven with telc certificates recognized throughout Europe.

Many people come into contact with the so-called telc examination for the first time when it comes to planning and shaping their studies or even their professional career. In the global age, it is not uncommon for a certain period of study, or even the entire study program, to be completed abroad. However, in order to enroll at foreign universities, proof of language proficiency is often required. This is the only way to guarantee that the student is able to follow the daily study routine and pass exams. The situation is similar for academics who would like to shape their further professional career abroad. Here, above all, a job-related telc examination is required, which is oriented towards everyday life and the individual working environment. This is often necessary, especially in medical professions, but also in technical fields, and is also a prerequisite in the catering and tourism industries.

Language test as important proof for profession, study and training

Languages give one access to new career paths and educational options. But it is not always enough to have learned a foreign language yourself through online courses or textbooks. Instead, official educational institutions and also employers require official proof that the language level is really high. The telc language test offers exactly that with a passing score. However, it is important here to choose a telc language exam that fits your future plans. In fact, different types of exams are offered, intended for different groups of people.

Which telc exam is suitable for you?

The telc language examination is offered in different variations, whereby the examination content can vary greatly in terms of subject matter and concept. This includes schoolchildren as well as students and academics and certain professional groups. The objective is always to address topics and aspects in the context of the language test that are also relevant for the respective participants later in their everyday lives.

In summary, the telc examinations differ in

  • Junior exam
  • Pupil Exam
  • General language telc exam
  • telc C1 University
  • Occupational telc examination

Special telc language test for children

As a junior exam, the telc language test is aimed primarily at children from the age of 10. The test is primarily tailored to the transition between primary and secondary education and is designed to give children access to the respective foreign language in an age-appropriate manner. In addition, there is a so-called telc Schülerprüfung, which is tailored to older children from the age of 12 and prepares the young people linguistically and thematically to have a better command of the respective language in everyday life.

Special telc language exam for students

For students, telc also offers an exam. The telc C1 Hochschule examination is recognized at German universities for admission to a course of study. In addition, the exam is ideal as proof of the language skills learned, as it is internationally known and can therefore be an advantage for further career and life. A general language telc exam is especially suitable for adults who want to further their professional or personal education and improve their language skills. The topics of the exams are based on people’s lives and work.

The telc vocational examinations focus specifically on the world of work. These are aimed at learners who want to prove their language skills in the workplace. Here, for example, employees from medical professions, catering or technology can demonstrate their competence.

telc German Language Certificates

Writing, listening, reading and speaking – telc exam covers different areas

The official telc examination covers different areas in the field of language acquisition. This is to provide for a comprehensive review of actual language proficiency. Candidates for a telc language examination must therefore prepare themselves not only to understand and speak the foreign language in question well. Reading comprehension and writing skills are also tested. If you want to pass a telc exam with satisfactory results, you need to keep this in mind, especially during the preparation phase. The respective language skills are not always completely convincing in all mentioned areas. Some find it easier to understand others, but may lack the vocabulary in a foreign language to adequately express and communicate. Therefore, if you want to take a telc exam in one of the languages, it is best to work on obvious weaknesses in advance and improve. Official practice materials and exam preparation are available for this purpose, based on the official language exam. A practice test can also be used in advance to get a more detailed overview of the procedure and content of the test procedure.

At the language school of aledu we also offer preparation courses tailored to the respective telc test to support you in the run-up. These courses are particularly useful for test candidates who are still too uncertain or who would like to brush up on rusty language skills. You can quickly and easily register for courses online, for example, and also get an overview of available dates. We will also be happy to advise you by telephone if you have any further questions.

Improve language competence and achieve official proof

The telc language test is an ideal solution for anyone who needs targeted and individualized foreign language certificates and wants an uncomplicated examination procedure. The test, which is recognized throughout Europe, has been carried out for many years and has proven its worth. Above all, the specific test orientation, which is based on the professional field, everyday life and field of study, makes the language test a very useful solution for different groups of people with equally different objectives. This means that you can choose a telc language test that suits your level as well as your academic plans or future career path. Detailed information on the individual telc test procedures and types of test is available directly on our website and also on request. Our friendly staff will be happy to take the time to explain to you which telc exam is really useful in your case and whether exam preparation might be advisable.

Take the telc exam – results are available after a few weeks

Whether or not you have passed the telc language test often becomes clear just a few weeks after the actual test date. Exactly how long it takes depends on the type of telc exam. Therefore, results for job-related language exams can sometimes take around eight weeks or longer to be determined. As a rule, however, candidates only have to wait around 4 weeks before they receive information about the telc examination and the results.

Whether you passed or not, aledu will tell you quickly and securely in an email. Just a few days later, you can pick up the required documents – depending on whether you passed or not – in person at our office. If the language test has been mastered successfully, you will receive a certificate. If the test is not successful, we will give you the result sheet so that you can get a more detailed overview. Sending the certificate via mail or email is also possible if you are not able to pick it up in person. However, this will incur a fee of around five euros.

How does the telc language test work?

Basically, a telc language examination is not very different from other examination procedures that you often have to take in the course of your life. telc examinees receive all important information about the location and time in advance by e-mail. At least one week before the actual date.

Normally, the language exam starts in the morning hours. Often at nine o’clock and continues into the afternoon. However, the exact time of the exam can vary greatly depending on the type of test and will be communicated in advance.

Note that it is prohibited to bring electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks, or similar devices to the exam. Your own writing utensils are also not required. These will be handed out to you on site. Eating and drinking is allowed during exam time, taking care not to disturb others. Furthermore, you will need an ID card or similar document with a photo to identify yourself.

With regard to the procedure of the examination, first the written part and then the oral examination takes place. This way, all relevant aspects of the language exam are covered and participants can focus on the first section first and then on the next.

Attempts at deception by the examinee will immediately result in the language examination being discontinued and disqualification. Of course, there will be no refund of the examination fees in this case. Attempts to deceive are especially present when unauthorized aids have been used. This includes electrical devices or even notes that are used in the course of the exam and are not allowed. However, it is allowed to take notes in a task book during the exam. Note here, however, that the notes in the task booklet are not included in the evaluation of the exam at the end. Only the official test sheet will be evaluated.

What does a telc language exam cost?

The telc language examination is associated with fees for the examination and also for registration. The amount of the fees can vary greatly depending on the educational institution, so it makes sense to inform yourself in advance. Fluctuating prices for the language test, which differ significantly from year to year are also possible. In addition, the fees also differ depending on the type of telc test. For example, exams for children often cost significantly less than the language exams that academics or students need.

If you would like to know more about the fees for your desired telc language exam at aledu, it is best to contact us personally. This way we can provide more detailed information about the cost of the language test.

telc examination at aledu – licensed examination center in Duisburg

The telc language examination can only be taken in licensed and official examination centers that are designated for the examination procedure. This includes, above all, elementary schools or even language schools. The aledu language school in Duisburg is also one of the official examination centers and is therefore a suitable contact point within the region for anyone who needs the language test, which is recognized throughout Europe, for various reasons. We would like to create a pleasant atmosphere on site for examinees who are hoping for good results in the telc examination and are absolutely dependent on a successful language test. If you would like to take a telc language exam directly in Duisburg, you are therefore welcome to contact us directly. The aledu language school will inform you about all further details regarding the exam procedure and preparation possibilities.

Accessible telc exam – timely registration required

Anyone who would like to take a telc language examination and is restricted for health reasons must pay attention to registering for the examination as early as possible. In principle, it is not a problem to conduct the language test under individual conditions. However, in order for this to be possible, early registration is required approximately two months prior to the desired exam date. In addition, medical certificates and similar evidence in German and English must be submitted to serve as official proof of the physical limitation.

You would like to take the telc language exam, but you are handicapped, suffer from a visual impairment or hearing loss or similar health limitations? Register for the exam in time to be able to pass the language certificate successfully and without complications. If you have any further individual questions, we will of course be happy to help you. It is best to contact our staff promptly to explain any further ambiguities.

telc language test as an official European-wide recognized language certificate

The telc language exam is especially relevant and interesting for many because the exam is recognized throughout Europe. This is not always the case with many other language exams and certificates that can be taken through schools and universities. The audit is thus handled according to European standards, which correspond to the regulations in the individual countries. This is especially relevant for students who want to study abroad or employees who dream of a professional career in another European country. This is because an official language certificate is almost always required by universities and employers in order to get an impression of the applicant’s language practice and knowledge. Since the telc language examination also covers all relevant areas such as reading, comprehension, writing and communication, it is considered sufficient proof of the respective successful foreign language acquisition.

Anyone who is thinking about taking a sabbatical or continuing their education abroad, or who would like to emigrate permanently to another European country and work there, should definitely consider the telc language test certificate. This is also because telc examination results are recognized and accepted throughout Europe. In this way, one is spared the inconvenience of language exams – where this is not the case.

Connecting languages – aledu helps

Languages are an important element in being able to connect different cultures and people. Without solid language skills, communication at home and abroad becomes more difficult. This can contribute to significant problems and, most importantly, social and community isolation. That is why it is important to master the respective national language or alternatively other foreign languages in order to make oneself understood, to be able to educate oneself or even to secure a job.

The language school aledu therefore concentrates, especially in a city like Duisburg, on helping migrants in particular to acquire and improve their German language skills. With modern learning methods and trained teachers, we ambitiously pursue this task and offer participants and students the opportunity to plan teaching concepts individually and to learn exactly as one wishes and how the teaching units can best be integrated into everyday life.

The best thing to do is just talk to us directly about it. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in taking a German course or if you need official proof for a telc language exam. Our friendly staff will provide you with all the information you need about our training courses and examination options quickly and easily.

Language school in Duisburg – professional German courses directly in the city and online

At aledu language school in Duisburg, you have the option of either taking online language courses or attending face-to-face classes directly at our educational facility in the city. This speaks in favor of individual lesson planning, entirely according to one’s own ideas.

Online German courses in particular are becoming increasingly popular, as virtual lessons are extremely easy to integrate into everyday life. Continuing education is quick and easy via the online course. In the end, all the student needs is a stable internet connection and a computer to optimize the language level with our support. In addition, one saves costs and effort due to the journey. However, many still prefer personal contact with the teacher or even with other course participants. Thus, the German courses that take place directly in our language school could certainly also be an interesting option for you.

Individual training, preparation and promotion

In order to increase the learning effect and at the same time to develop the language level faster and more confidently, students often need individual lessons. Not everyone can fully internalize knowledge or improve in large groups. It is therefore sometimes necessary for teachers to respond individually to individual students or to adapt learning methods so that language acquisition is successful more quickly.

Therefore, for further education, advancement of language level or even exam preparation, aledu language school offers you various options that you can choose according to your own preference. These include intensive German courses and exam preparation for the telc language test, which take place in smaller groups. However, especially for language acquisition as a beginner, individual lessons, which are offered in our educational institution, are sometimes quite profitable. Here, the teacher has the opportunity to more specifically address the strengths and weaknesses of the student and to optimize and individualize practice methods and learning methods. Also, for course participants who are easily distracted, unsure of learning and working in groups, or also want to benefit from maximum flexibility in lesson planning, taking a one-on-one language course could certainly be worthwhile.

If you would like to learn more about the teaching options and language course offers at aledu, please contact us. We will tell you more about online courses and intensive language courses, but also about flexible and convenient private lessons in our educational institution. Of course, we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about telc exam preparation courses.

Professional and experienced teachers and staff

A pleasant and comfortable learning atmosphere in the school is important and increases motivation as well as joy in learning and language acquisition. Therefore, as an experienced language school in the Duisburg area, it is important for aledu to be able to offer you exactly that. To this end, we rely on friendly employees who will be happy to assist you with any questions or uncertainties you may have about the educational programs and examinations we offer.

The focus here is, of course, above all on our teachers. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that students feel comfortable in the educational institution, can master online courses despite the physical distance, and are adequately taught learning content. This is intended to facilitate rapid and successful language acquisition. No matter which teaching model you end up choosing.

Through sufficient promotion and further training of our employees and teachers, we additionally contribute to the fact that a holistic and up-to-date language teaching in Duisburg and online can be offered by us. Understanding, motivation, flexibility and a friendly, harmonious teaching atmosphere are clearly always a priority.

Contemporary learning methods and language teaching

Learning languages is not difficult in principle. Nevertheless, for many but a small or even greater challenge, if there is a lack of motivation and rest. Only then can students often fully engage in the language lessons and achieve initial increases and results after a short time. In addition, good and well thought-out language teaching is just as important. Whether it’s grammar, reading comprehension, pronunciation, or even writing in a foreign language, students and teachers will face some challenges, but can certainly overcome them with the right learning methods.

Our teachers are guided by the latest scientific findings in the field of education and therefore want to teach language in a modern way to significantly facilitate the learning process for students. Those who achieve success more quickly are also much more motivated and master higher obstacles in the acquisition of a new and quite demanding language such as German within a very short time.

Free trial lesson

You are still unsure whether you would like to take a language course at aledu or whether our educational institution could be the right place for you? Then our trial lessons, for example, are an excellent option for you. You can use these to your advantage, especially in the area of online German courses. In this way, you can easily and quickly get an overview of the course of the convenient language courses, which are handled flexibly and without travel online.

Can you also successfully learn a language online or is face-to-face instruction directly in the language school possibly a better solution after all? If you are interested in a free first trial lesson, please contact us directly. The best way to contact us is by phone or via the contact form.

take telc exam and German courses at aledu

Would you like to further improve your German language skills or do you need official proof of your command of a foreign language? The German intensive courses and telc preparation courses at aledu are optimally tailored to this and allow you to choose a teaching model that is tailored to your previous skills and knowledge. Among them German courses for beginners and advanced but also higher levels. In addition, we offer the possibility of taking the telc language test, which is recognized throughout Europe, in various languages at our educational institution. As a licensed testing facility, we can offer you regular appointments to take the language test, which opens up many opportunities to study or work throughout Europe with language certification.

Uncomplicated registration and contact

The language school aledu in Duisburg gladly accepts your inquiry or registration for one of our language courses. We are happy to support people in language acquisition and continuing education and accommodate you with flexible course units and teaching models.

For example, you can register for desired language courses or examination dates for the telc language test directly online. Dates and class times are available on our website, allowing you to plan flexibly and in a timely manner. If you would like to learn more about us as a language school in advance, or if you would like optional support in deciding on the most suitable course model, we are of course also there for you. You can contact our employees directly by phone or via mail or alternatively use the contact form.

aledu language school – Achieve fast telc exam results and improve language skills

There are many good reasons to further develop your language skills. However, you are often dependent on a professional language school that teaches language skills professionally and assists students. Similarly, if an official language certificate is required. For example, to study or work abroad. Therefore, at aledu in Duisburg you can not only take an official telc language exam, but also further improve your results and language level in your German skills. For this purpose, we offer on-site language courses at our school, as well as exam preparation for telc and exam dates. Alternatively, you can also use online language courses to your advantage if face-to-face events are currently not feasible for you. aledu, as an experienced and ambitious language school, has set itself the goal of supporting you in your further education in the field of languages and paving new paths for you. Do not hesitate any longer and simply register conveniently directly online for the desired course or contact us to clarify further questions with us in a personal conversation.


Where do telc exams take place?

The various telc examinations can only be taken at licensed examination centers such as adult education centers and private language schools. Our educational institution is such an examination center and therefore you also have the possibility to take a telc examination in the different levels from A1 to C2 at our educational institution.

In total, there are over 3,000 testing centers in 20 countries. In addition, telc offers further training for teachers.

Here you can find your exam center.

When do telc exams take place?

Each examination center offers different dates. Please check with language schools and institutions to find out when a telc exam is offered.

For the university entrance (German C1 Hochschule) you can find the dates here.

In our educational institution we offer telc exams once a month on Fridays (A1-B2) and Saturdays (C1-C2) in our premises.

How do I register for a telc exam?

To do so, you can contact us in person at our office or online. The exams usually take place once a month and cost between 150 and 180 euros, depending on the level. The deadline for registering for the telc examination is 14 days before the examination date. After that, registration is no longer possible.

How long does the telc exam result take?

The results of the telc examinations are available at:

  • the DTZ at 2 to 3, maximum 4 weeks;
  • telc C1 university at about 3 to 4 weeks;
  • all other telc exams at about 6 to 8 weeks.c

can be viewed after the test date.

How do I get my result after the telc exam?

You will receive an e-mail from us telling you whether or not you have passed the telc exam. A few days later you can pick up your result sheet (if you did not pass the exam) or your certificate (if you passed the exam) from our office. We can also scan the certificate and send it to you by e-mail or mail it to you for a fee of three euros.

Barrier-free exams?

You can take a telc exam even if you have a physical impairment. In order to be able to take the exam under individual conditions, you must present a medical certificate or equivalent proof in German or English. This should detail your impairments. You should also register for the exam two months before the desired date with the medical certificate.

Where can I find telc’s General Terms and Conditions and Examination Regulations?

Where can I find practice material and tips for preparing for the exam?